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Day One–what should be Day Two
I made the commitment to myself to start posting daily on I have no idea what this is going[...]
The day I fell on my ass
Yesterday I fell on my ass. It happens. My tailbone is not happy with me at the moment but, thankfully,[...]
Happiness starts now
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The full moon rise is happening
I caught this moonrise totally by accident. I've been in cleaning/purging mode all day and was in the back working[...]
Gone to the rocks
If you know anything about me, you know I love to collect rocks. Mostly I collect rocks from the beach,[...]
Miami Woods Forest Preserve
There's something magical about wandering around the woods. It allows me to really breathe and slow down. Yesterday I took[...]
How to celebrate the autumn equinox
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Grape Picking in Berrien Springs
DAY 6 Kurt and I left Holland, stopping briefly in Saugatuck (love that place!), before scooting down to Berrien Springs[...]
Heading back down to Holland
DAY 5 Today we left our cute little hotel room in Traverse City and ventured down to Holland. We stopped[...]
Old Mission Peninsula
DAY 4 Today Kurt and I traveled up the Old Mission Peninsula (north of Traverse City) – one of my[...]
Exploring Leelenau Peninsula
DAY 3 Kurt wanted to check out the Leelanau peninsula today so that’s what we did. We started out with brunch[...]
Road Trip to Elk Rapids, Petosky and Harbor Springs
DAY 2 Today we took a drive up the Lake Michigan coast to check out Elk Rapids, Charlevoix, Petosky and[...]
The Trek to Traverse Begins
DAY 1 What really should be a six hour trip ended up taking my husband Kurt and I about 10[...]
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How to not freak out about running out of time
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Refuse to choose
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