Yes, I’ll admit it. I’m starving. Have been hungry all day. I’m probably not snacking enough (something I need to do here in a minute). When I start something new like this, I tend to go to the lets-not-eat-nearly-anything extreme even though I know that’s not sustainable. I will start eating more. I promise.

In the meantime, I’ve been cleaning and purging my apartment. Seems to go hand in hand with cleaning and purging out my insides. I’m the sort that likes to keep EVERYTHING and one day I fear I’ll wake up a serious hoarder. (My husband assures me he’ll never let that happen but we’ll see.) 

While cleaning out my dresser’s junk drawer (which I haven’t gone through in almost six years, since we moved in), I found a bunch of random buttons I got from clothes I bought. Now, really, what am I supposed to do with these things? Yes, I have a bin where I store them all. In fact there are probably buttons in there as far back as when I was a teen that I never ever used. Who really uses these things? I get that they give them to you in case of needing a repair (the reason I keep them) but in all the 30 or so years of storing them, I’ve probably only replaced a button once. Maybe twice. How about you? Do you have these types of buttons somewhere? And if so, do you use them?

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