Yesterday I fell on my ass. It happens. My tailbone is not happy with me at the moment but, thankfully, I am not majorly hurt. My well padded ass made sure of that. I can’t even tell you the last time I fell like that. I take extreme care to keep myself upright. But it happens. Life happens.

I was out walking yesterday evening with my lovely husband when I had the notion that I had to walk down to the beach. There’s a plastic boardwalk type thing but with all the crazy storms we’ve had over the winter with gigantic gale force waves, the boardwalk was not exactly flat. Combine that with the wet sand all over it and a bump in the boardwalk that had it forming a small teepee, I fell. And not gracefully.


I got up, brushed off all the wet sand (thankfully it was warm so no worries there) and continued my walk, hand in hand with my sweetheart.

I have no super big revelations here (were you waiting for one?) except sometimes you fall down and the best thing to do is to get up, brush yourself off and keep moving.

20160309_6681Here are some pics I took along our walk. Yes, it was getting dark so they’re all a bit day but I didn’t want to photoshop the hell out of them. I’m more of a keep it real kinda photographer. Enjoy!

Oh – I also got a big bolt of paper in the mail that I’m so excited to start using. I plan to map out business ideas, story ideas and whatever else calls me in the moment. If you’re lucky enough to come over, you’ll also get to play with it. I plan to have the paper out for parties so people can doodle, write and do whatever. I love the idea of spontaneous creativity!

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