Not everyday is a happy day and not everyday is a bad day. Usually each day is a mix of both. However when the bad days (and moments) start to outweigh the good days (and moments), it’s easy to forget the good. Unfortunately this is how our minds work. That’s why it’s vital to track your moods throughout the day so you can see the good with the bad. Tracking your moods will allow you to get a clear picture of your life which will help you to make any necessary changes to improve it.

I started tracking my moods about a month ago (using my mood tracker printable) and was pleasantly surprised that I was happy most days. I had no realization how happy my life actually was until I started tracking my moods. Sure I had a few stressful, sad and irritable days mixed in (and one very angry day) but the majority of my days were happy and somewhat productive (another aspect I tracked) which made me feel much better overall. Without utilizing the tracker, I would have missed this and wouldn’t have had the opportunity to enjoy my life as much as I’ve had this past month.

While designing the mood tracker, I purposely included the ability to track all your moods throughout the day since people rarely experience only one mood per day. I also allowed the capability to input your own moods to track since everyone’s different and different moods will matter for different people. I wanted this mood tracker to be as customizable as possible. I also left room for notes since it’s important to understand what influenced your moods for each day. This helps to see patterns, especially for more negative moods, allowing you to start making shifts to erase these patterns.

Physicians, therapists and psychiatrists have been using mood trackers for years to help more accurately diagnose their patients. They’re found it valuable to identify possible triggers for negative moods as well as how moods coincided with sleep patterns (this is why the mood tracker also comes with a sleep tracker) and biological changes (such as menstruation).

To help you  get started, here are some moods that you may want to track. The mood tracker printable has space for up to 12 different moods however you can print out as many pages as you want per month to be able to track as many moods as you want.

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