Design is a personalized art. I treat each client as the individual that they are, shaping their design to meet their unique brand identity as well as align it with their business goals.

With over 10 years experience designing websites for various individuals and organizations, I fully understand how overwhelming designing a website can be for non-designers. I strive to make the web design process as easy and smooth as possible.

Each prospective client receives a (no-cost) website development plan that walks them through step-by-step all the details they’ll need to bring to our initial (no-cost) website consultation. You’ll receive this once you schedule your initial web design session with me.

After your website is complete, you’ll receive a 1.5 hour live conference call session with me where I’ll walk you step by step through your website, ensuring that you know how to make various changes and additions to your site, including how to add blog posts (with images!) and products (if an ecommerce site). I want you to have full control over your site and know how to use it.

When my business partner and I started our nutrition coaching business, we needed a website. We were not prepared to tackle the task alone so we hired Laura.

To start the process, Laura interviewed me and my business partner to find out more about our company, what are goals were with the website and more about us as individuals. She wanted to ensure that she captured our company identity through her website design. She has created such a beautiful and user-friendly site that I have had multiple people compliment the design and ask me who created the site. She is a creative person who happens to be a great writer and has an incredible talent in meeting the needs of her clients.

Laura was patient with our need for multiple edits and had some great insights into other aspects of hosting a website, including security, mailing lists, privacy and keeping spammers and potential brute force attackers away. Without her expertise, I never would have known all of the requirements for creating and maintaining a successful website.

If you are looking for a web designer, I highly recommend Laura. Gwen Holtan

Co-owner and Nutrition Coach at Beyond the Box Nutrition

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