Meditation is such a vital part of my everyday life. There are loads and loads of articles online spouting the multiple benefits of meditation (look them up if you need more reason to do it) but for me it’s all about finding my center and reconnecting with my divine.

To help you get started, I’ve included the online timer I use (set at five minutes since it’s a nice place to start) along with one of the meditation tracks I love on youtube. Consider this my little meditation starter kit. (If you click on the timer, it’ll take you to the timer’s website and you can select your own time there if five minutes doesn’t work for you.)

The key to meditation is doing it. Do not expect your mind to go still and for you to achieve sublime peace. This may happen but chances are your mind will bounce all over the place (like all minds do) and it’s your job in meditation to keep bringing it back to center. Some people like to have a word or mantra they say to help them come back to center (like om or peace or love) but do whatever works for you. Play around with it until you find your groove.

Again – start small. Also there’s no need to sit on the floor with your legs crossed unless that really works for you. I sit in my office chair (or sometimes my dining chair – any upright chair will do) with both feet flat on the floor with my hands resting facing up on my upper thighs. But do what’s most comfortable for you. You probably don’t want to lay down or be in any position where you might fall asleep. It’s best to sit with your back straight.

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