I wasn’t sure exactly where this art journal layout was going to go when I started but I love allowing things to flow.

I started out with hot pink because I was feeling a bit sassy and lit up–like I wanted something that matched my mood. I also had an inclination that I wanted this to represent the new year and I wanted it to have a little sparkle.

Before I started painting the hot pink, I sprinkled the layout with white glitter to give it a little shine. Of course, the hot pink paint covered it but once I did a light brown wash (to add depth), the white glitter started to shine through.

I added blue stars along the top to reinforce the “shine” theme I was developing. I also gave the whole thing a light wash with the blue paint which added even more depth and started to give the hot pink a light purple hue.

I finished up by adding the phrase “Freedom to play” that was floating around in my head while I created this layout. I also gave myself permission to play and have fun, to explore and see where my crazy ideas take me.

I started to learn last year to ALLOW, EXPLORE and above all HAVE FUN and I really want to bring that into this new year.

I added the “sparkle & shine” because I felt like it needed one more thing and that’s what was floating around in my head at the moment.

I love how art journaling doesn’t need to be anything amazing or impressive–that it can be a pure expression of through and creativity in the moment. It’s a wonderful way to get into the practice of allowing and flow. Also it’s a whole lot of fun.

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