Spiritual direction coaching is a unique approach to your spiritual development and growth. It’s working one on one with me to reflect on your ideas and feelings about the spiritual path of your choosing. These sessions give you the opportunity to step back, out of your ordinary life, and view your life from a spiritual perspective as well as to focus your intention.

Typically these sessions are scheduled once a month by phone to support your personal spiritual journey. I’m not affiliated with any religious or spiritual organizations so I will not be trying to sway your spiritual journey in any direction but the one you choose.

All sessions are conducted over the phone so you can live anywhere.


  • You’re ready to take a deeper look at your spiritual life.
  • You’re on a quest to better yourself and align with your inner truth.
  • You’re open minded and committed to making a difference in your life.
  • You’re already working on your spiritual path but aren’t happy with your progress and/or would life further direction.
  • You’re curious about how to bring your spirituality more into your everyday life.
  • You feel like there’s something missing in your life and you’d like to discover what it is.
  • You feel a bit lost spiritually but are wanting to take the journey to discover the missing pieces.


  • You’re seeking psychological counseling.
  • You’re not open minded or committed to your spiritual journey or development.
  • You’re looking for quick fix.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve worked one on one with my own spiritual direction counselor (once a month) to strengthen my relationship with myself and my divine. I also studied new thought spirituality for over 10 years with Unity of Chicago and the Bodhi Spiritual Center, studying under Rev. Erica Trantham and Rev. Mark Anthony Lord. It’s now my time to share my knowledge and experience with you.

Spiritual direction sessions can be a time to relax and rejuvenate. Having such a person along on your spiritual journey is encouraged in many traditions.

– Jonathan Ellis

I typically meet with spiritual direction clients once a month to support and deepen their personal spiritual journey. All spiritual direction work is offered on an open donation basis and paid after each session. This makes my monthly sessions available to people regardless of their changing finances.


Laura provides practical, empowering, and realistic suggestions to enhance one’s life and relationships. She personalizes her advise to each client’s needs. She is creative, inspiring, and comforting. Also, she helps me get to the answers myself so that I am more likely to utilize new skills and techniques so I can help myself. How empowering!

Gwen H

I had an insightful session. Thank you Laura. You opened my record and found a lot of interesting information for me that I will use as inspiration and guidance this fall. I won your session in a raffle and it was a great reminder how important it is to listen to the small nudges the universe is giving us to help us along. I did not think about opening my records but with your loving guidance and the universe picking YOU for me, it all happened in perfect synchronicity. Thank you for all the AHA experiences you provided. I am very grateful.

Ranni P

My life coach, Laura, has helped me to formulate my goals, focus on my passions, and motivate me into action. In my personal and work relations, she has allowed me to verbalize my frustrations and helped me develop tools to cope with situations and, as a result, I feel empowered to handle problems as they arise.

Having a life coach has shown me how to develop skills to handle myself and problems in a professional and competent way.

We have worked together as life coach and client for 18 months. The skills I have developed in that time have resulted in accomplishing a long awaited Associates Degree, pursuing a passion to design gardens for municipalities, and battled and won a bout with cancer.

I believe without having a life coach working with me, I would not have grown to where I am now. In the past, I felt stuck and unable to really change my situation. As a wife and mother, I felt my life was of service to my family, who I value and who are a very important part of my life. Laura has encouraged me to set my sights on what I want for myself. Perhaps my family may benefit even more by observing my changes. My hope is that they will view me as a woman who has firmly set her values and formulated her goals. For myself, I am living up to my expectations. Thank you, Laura.

Jannie B

It has been so GREAT to work with Laura on my deep seated relationship blockers. In the last four months, I have shifted from being present to the ‘man being missing from life’ to living a life in the present moment, trusting in the big scheme of things and God’s plan and knowing that when and if it is supposed to happen it will! Until then I am enjoying the ride.

It is truly such a miracle for me because I have always felt something was missing even when I was with a man. Thank you to Laura for her steady and powerful coaching….I really have appreciated it and would recommend a sample session to try her out to anyone who is serious about shifting their perspectives and lives with regards to relationships!

Tracy L

What I got most from the reading was insight on how to handle a situation that had been unfolding for a few months. It helped me to realize something that I had been overlooking in what I was doing. I immediately applied my realization to some work I was doing that same afternoon and saw got some long, sought after results.

Cathy M

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