If you know anything about me, you know I love to collect rocks. Mostly I collect rocks from the beach, always lugging back a few more after each visit, until seriously I have no idea where to put them. I have jars full, bowls full, some sitting around on my kitchen counter. There is something about rocks and their friendliness (yes–they have a friendliness) that gets me. It seems a shame to leave them lying around.

Occasionally I will spend money on rocks. I do this rarely because I could really get sucked in.

As you may know, each rock (or crystal) has a special metaphysical meaning. Some people believe that rocks and minerals possess consciousness (take this New York Times article for example) while others can actually feel this consciousness.

For whatever reason, I love having rocks around me.

Today after having a wonderful (3 1/2 hour) brunch with a dear friend, I popped over to the rock shop On The Rocks in Andersonville. I went in with the inclination that I would buy a new pendulum (you can never have too many) and ended up walking out with that plus four rocks that I had to have.

When I’m in this kind of shop, I let my intuition guide me, trusting that it would carry me to the best rocks for me at this time. Since I had just finished discussing my intuition and creative pursuits with my friend, I wasn’t surprised when I felt attracted to the following rocks (descriptions are courtesy On The Rocks):


Bluish, round, iridescent
Elements: Water, wind
Chakra: third eye (6th)

Labradorite is a highly mystical and protective stone, a bringer of light. It raises consciousness and connects with universal energies. A stone of esoteric knowledge, it facilitates initiation into the mysteries. It is highly tied to the Fae. Carrying it will help you to discover latent magickal abilities, or hone ones you have. Keep this around for any ritual, meditation, or magickal working.

This was the first stone I was drawn to. It intrigues me, like it has a million mysteries hidden within. I look forward to working with it.


dark blue, roundish, goldish green flecks
Element: Wind
Chakra: third eye (6th) and throat (5th)

Lapis Lazuli has been used as decorations as far back as 3100 BC in ancient Egypt. It has always been connected to royalty and fostering those virtues in its wearer. It is one of the best stones for improving clairvoyance and intuition. Being strongly aligned with the third eye, it can be a catalyst for a mystical journey to higher awareness. It enhances intellect and can aid one in recovering past-life memories.

This was the friendliest rock (yes, I can feel them this way) and demanded that I take him home. He’s bursting with energy, like a puppy excited to see you when you return home.


looks like a silver cube stuck in broken cement
Element: earth
Chakra: solar plexus (3rd)

Pyrite is useful for bringing out the masculine energy of the third chakra in its bearer. It can boost your confidence and help you to be able to break bad habits. It is essential for adding an assertive nature to any stone working. Pryite is also useful for those in the creative arts to add drive and ambition to their work.

I felt like this one will help me be creative and put my work out there even when I’m not feeling confident about it. I love that it ties into creativity and work.


round with lots of white, green and tan swirls; also has 2 holes w/crystals
Elements: earth, water
Chakras: 3rd, 4th and 5th

Ocean Jasper is a stone of joy and high spirits. It opens your awareness to the benevolent aspects of life and lifts your mood through its positive vibrations. It stimulates the third, fourth and fifth chakras, conveying the urge to feel, speak and act more positively. It is also helpful to people suffering from depression or anxiety as well. Ocean Jasper is also a strong healing stone and useful in many situations.

This was the last stone that attracted me. I think it’s perfect that it ties in with the other three, bringing them all together in a way, almost acting like a strong foundation. It’s also an interesting stone since it has two holes that peek into the interior crystals of the stone.


milky white
Chakra: crown (7th)

According to various online sources, white agate attunes us to our highest mind and to our divine. It’s all about love, abundance, strength, bravery, protection, balance, harmony, security and creativity. It’s truly the perfect pendulum for me at this time. I love it.

I asked it if it was meant to come home with me (what I do whenever I’m shopping for pendulums) and it gave me an enthusiastic yes. I had tried out a few other pendulums before (that all turned me down) before I saw this one winking at me.

I would love to hear about your experiences with rocks and crystals. Feel free to comment below. I’d love to know how you work with them, where you put them around your house, etc. Right now these new rocks are sitting on my mousepad, keeping close watch over me. I’m sure they will tell me where they need to go.

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