I caught this moonrise totally by accident. I’ve been in cleaning/purging mode all day and was in the back working when I came out front (for more cleaning supplies) to catch this glorious full moonrise. A few more minutes and I would have missed it. Talk about luck!

Some things to do to make the most of the full moon (which starts energetically two days before and continues for two days after) include:

    I love that I’m right on track with this one. The full moon is a great time to clean – clean your energy, clean your body, clean up your act, clean up your space, etc.
    Hand in hand with cleaning and purging is organizing. The full moon is the perfect time to get your shit together. Set goals, make to-do lists, prioritize, etc. – whatever it takes for you to get organized. For me it’s all about organizing all my notebooks from the past year, putting all those notes into binders for easy reference.
    The full moon is the perfect time to create something new. Let it inspire you. Write, sing, dance, paint, cook, whatever is creative for you. Go for it.
    Now is the perfect time for meditation. This will help clear the clutter in your mind, opening you up to new ideas, new realizations, etc. If you’ve been struggling with an issue, ask for clarity before you meditate. Also use this meditation to release and let go of all the negative crap in your life, toxic relationships and bad habits that have been weighing you down.

Happy FULL MOON! Hope it’s as cleansing for you as it’s being for me.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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