I worked in my little manifestation art journal this week (5.25 x 8). The assignment in my manifestation class was to write down all our negative thoughts (like I’m not good enough) and flip them around (to I’m good enough). It’s interesting because I did a similar exercise unprompted in my bigger art journal over the weekend so this all felt very fresh.

During the class, I wrote (in black ink) directly in my journal figuring I’d cover it up later. I’m enjoying that I can write in my journal – just whatever, all the negative stuff – and then cover it up with something beautiful.

I started by covering the black ink with a lovely ivory acrylic wash. It didn’t cover the black ink much (if at all) but I liked the effect it had. Over that I painted a lilac that helped to obscure the black ink even more.

You can still see the black ink underneath the purple (left page only) but you can no longer read it. I felt that this was symbolic of how the negative thoughts are still kind of there – and I know they’ll crop up – but if I keep layering more beautiful thoughts over them then it’s almost like they’re not there at all. I can obscure them!

My initial idea was to have the dream big faint in the background with a bunch of positive affirmations written in front of it (why I pulled some of the white paint) but then I liked the idea of keeping these pages simple. I painted the white DREAM BIG again and stamped on a bunch of fairies. For whatever reason, fairies reinforce the idea of dream big. Like it’s OK (and preferable!) to DREAM BIG.

Of course, I had to add the biggest affirmation of all: I AM ENOUGH. Speaks for itself.

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