One of the things I love about art journaling is how things unfold naturally. I sat down this evening, the eve before New Year’s Eve, wanting to create a spread in my little manifestation art journal. I love using these smaller journals because they’re quicker to paint and seem more to the point. (Although I love the bigger one I use, too, for its expansiveness. It tends to be however I feel in the moment.)

I started out painting pink. Usually, I paint the whole page one color but this time as I started to paint the right side, I stopped, liking the blankness against the pink. I ended up adding blue to this blank spot for whatever reason. (I paint super intuitively and I don’t claim to be good. I love to go with the flow–wherever that wants to take me.)

From there I added a purple wash over the whole thing because I liked the way these two colors created purple inside my wash jar. I also added the word Trust to the right in white with some little white “stars.”

I hadn’t planned it this way–I just went with what I felt like doing–but at this point, the right blue side started to represent stepping into the new year while the left bright pink side started to represent 2019. The known and the unknown.

This prompted me to stamp Thank You 2019 and have this spread represent the passing of one year into the next.

2019 has been a good year for me–lots of growth and discovery as well as play and fun–so I wanted to give it a proper send-off. I felt compelled to thank this year for all the amazing things I did and learned. It really has been a big growth year for me.

I ended with writing a thank you letter to 2019, mentioning all the wonderful things that happened this year. (Well, not ALL the things, but I summarized the most important things.) This felt amazing, like a proper closure to a wonderful year. Now I feel like I can step into 2020 with more clarity and strength.

I highly recommend spending a moment to thank 2019 for all the wonderful lessons and moments it brought you even if it wasn’t the best year for you, especially if it wasn’t the best year for you.

Bring into 2020 all the memories, experiences and lessons that you WANT to remember. Cement them in your mind by writing them down. Write your own thank you letter to 2019 and let me know how it goes.

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