Customizable Ultimate House Hunting Guide


Make house hunting easier!
50 pages!


I’ve just made house hunting a whole lot easier!

Customize the cover of the Ultimate House Hunting Guide with your company’s logo, phone number, email and website! Use it as a tool to help make the home-buying process easier for your customers. It’s another way to put you ahead of the rest.

All customized guides take approximately three weeks to receive. Email me at your logo along with anything else you’d like included on the cover. I will message you a proof copy to review before I send it to my printer.

I offer 25% off bulk orders over $200. This discount will be applied automatically. You can also receive this discount on the non-customized House Hunting Guide.

After aggressively house hunting over the past five years (and buying and selling a couple houses), I’ve developed several systems to help make the house hunting process smoother and easier.

The Ultimate House Hunting Guide walks you through the house hunting process starting with visualizing your ideal home. Regardless of your budget, it’s an important step to get clear about what you want before you start shopping.

Next step is getting clear about your location. I’ve developed several tools to help you discover what makes your ideal location as well as enabling you to compare several locations based on what’s most important to you.

After that I walk you through the specifics you’re looking for in your new home, including the must haves, the nices to haves and the deal breakers, I’ve developed a House Hunting Checklist that you’ll use for each property that will allow you to score the property based on your individual needs, wants and desires.

I’ve included a couple budget sheets as well since it’s important to take a realistic look at how much house you can afford. These sheets also allow you to compare estimated budgets across three different properties. I believe in being as informed as possible before making a major house purchase.

I included 10 house hunting sheets for you to use while out on the road looking at properties. It’s a system I developed while doing my own house hunting. It helps you capture initial impressions as well as check off those criteria most important to you.

I’ve also included a comprehensive moving checklist along with a moving expenses ledger to help keep you organized once you’re in the moving process.

Six undated calendars at the back help you to keep all your house hunting and moving dates in one place. You’ll also find four blank notes pages at the back to be used to capture any other information that’s important during your house hunting journey. It’s important to keep everything organized and in one place.

What do you want?
The Must Haves
House Specifics
House Notes + Mood Board
Location Map
Location Contenders
Budget x 2
House Checklist Instructions
House Checklist x 11
House Hunting Sheet x 10
Moving Checklist
Moving Expenses
House Hunting Calendars x 6
Notes x 4

– 8.5″ x 11″
– 50 pages (black and white)
– soft cover
– coil bound (black plastic coil)

Please allow three weeks for delivery since this guide is printed on demand.

If you’re a real estate agent, contact me to discover how I can customize this guide for your clients. They’ll love it.

Thank you for shopping with me. I welcome all suggestions and feedback.
> If you have any problems or issues, please let me know and I’ll do my best to resolve it.
> All planners and guides are for personal use only and cannot be copies, resold or redistributed for any purpose.
> This planner is printed on demand and may take up to three weeks to print.


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