It’s amazing how much taking your time makes you feel better. Much less stressed.

I am one that’s always on the run, always feeling like I don’t have enough time, that I need to rush. Needless to say, I always feel stressed, under the gun and enormous pressure. I’ve come to realize (finally) that these feelings are all self-imposed. Yes, I have deadlines and, yes, I have mountains I want to get done, but I’ve finally realized that stressing about it is not going to help me get anything done quicker. In fact, I’m sure stressing about it slows me down.

I’m in the middle of reading Julia Cameron’s The Prosperous Heart (chapter three) and was struck by her discussion of having enough – enough time, enough resources, enough of what we really need. That more isn’t going to really make us feel any better although we’ve tricked ourselves into thinking that it will. It’s almost like chasing the carrot that’s always out of reach. Yes, it may give us something yummy to focus on but is it really getting us anywhere?

I have a mountain I want to get done today. I also have things taking me away from my work (like impromptu vet visits). I’ve decide to trust that what needs to get done today will get done today and to be at peace with that.

I slowed down while making lunch today and I really noticed the difference. I usually hate to cook – viewing it as a chore that needs to be gotten through – but today while slowing down, I was able to appreciate and even enjoy the process. And I felt peaceful, unrushed and in the moment.

I invite you to slow down the next time you feel in a hurry. Be in the moment, enjoy the process (as much as you can) and let worry and stress leave you. It’s something I plan to put into practice every day.

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