Yes – I’m giving into the new year push to get more fit and healthy. I’ve been thinking about doing something to clean up the way I’ve been eating (too many fatty fried foods) and thought now is the perfect time. Me and every other American (almost). Even my husband has agreed to give it a go.

Basically it’s the Paleo diet except I’m ok with eating legumes.

– Lean proteins (meats, fish, seafood)
– Fresh fruits
– Lots of fresh veggies
– Eggs
– Nuts
– Seeds
– Healthy oils (olive, walnut, flaxseed, coconut, avocado)
– Refined sugar (non-fruit)
– Processed foods
– Gluten/grains
– Soy
– Dairy
– Starchy veggies (potatoes, corn)
– Overly salty
– Fried

I’ve never been a skinny person, even as a kid. When everyone else had stick legs, mine were always more meaty and thick despite my mom being a diabetic and feeding me really healthy foods and consistent dance classes and running around. I’m not fighting this. My goal is not to be skinny but simply a healthier version of myself. My best me.

I did it once so I know I can do it again!

Back in 2003 I switched up my eating and exercise habits, losing 80 lbs. (over a year) and getting to the point where I was running five miles a day. I never thought in a million years I’d turn into runner girl. But I seriously loved it. Runners high – yes, please! 

I started out gradually, with both exercise and switching up the eating habits. I went to Weight Watchers (briefly) as a jump start. That helped. I’ve never been one to count calories (or points) so I didn’t do that very long. But it helped jump start the weight loss and motivate me to keep going. 

Once I hit a wall (at about the 40 lb. weight loss mark), I kicked it up a notch by doing South Beach and the rest of the weight fell off. I maintained the South Beach diet (basically low carbs, no junk, no sugar) for a couple years. I was in the gym at least two hours a day (running and strength training) and staying away from the ice cream.

Once I met my husband (totally not blaming him!) and my mom died (hardest time of my life), the weight crept back on. I was still eating (pretty much) the same and exercising like mad but it seemed like no matter what I did, the weight piled back on. Finally after a time I said F this and started eating whatever I wanted and scaled back on the exercise. Then the weight really came back with a vengeance. 

I’m not planning to go back to two plus hours at the gym (how is that sustainable?) but I do plan to gradually increase the exercise while eating better. I put a 30 day cap on the whole food plan thing because it gives me that light at the end of the tunnel. I’m an all or nothing kind of girl and will stick to something if it’s for a limited time. I’m not thinking “forever” right now but I do know that when you start to switch up your habits, some of them are bound to stick. 

Join me as I go on this incredible journey. It’s only 30 days. Join me if you want! I’d love to hear your stories.

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